Grow A Business

Ossipee, NH offers an advantageous fiscal landscape for businesses and individuals.

To grow a business in Ossipee, NH, there are various resources and organizations that can provide support, guidance, and assistance. Below is a list of some resources you can explore. Click here to view current businesses in Ossipee, NH.

1) Ossipee Economic Development Committee: Contact us to gain insights into the local business environment, potential opportunities, and resources available for business growth in Ossipee. We can provide guidance on permits, regulations, and business incentives.

2) Carroll County NH Works Business Services: NH Works Business Services provides a range of services to businesses, including assistance with recruitment, workforce development, and training programs. They can help you find skilled employees and connect you with resources for business growth

3) New Hampshire Small Business Development Center (NH SBDC): NH SBDC offers no-cost, confidential business advising services to help entrepreneurs and small businesses grow. They provide guidance on business planning, marketing strategies, financial analysis, and access to capital

4) New Hampshire Division of Economic Development: The Division of Economic Development offers resources and support to businesses across New Hampshire. They provide information on business incentives, workforce development programs, industry trends, and connections to statewide business resources.

5) Local Chambers of Commerce: The Ossipee area is served by the Greater Ossipee Chamber of Commerce. Chambers of Commerce often provide networking opportunities, business referrals, and resources specific to the local business community.

6) Business Financing and Incentives: Explore financing options and incentives offered by organizations like the New Hampshire Business Finance Authority, the Small Business Administration (SBA), and local banks. These resources can provide loans, grants, and other financial assistance to support business growth.

7) Networking Events and Workshops: Attend networking events, workshops, and seminars organized by local business organizations, chambers of commerce, or economic development groups. These events offer opportunities to connect with other entrepreneurs, learn from experts, and gain insights into business strategies.

8) Online Resources: Utilize online resources such as the New Hampshire Business Portal ( and the Small Business Administration website ( for information on business regulations, licenses, permits, and educational resources.