About OEDC

The Ossipee Economic Development Council (OEDC) aims to foster a diverse range of local economic opportunities that align with Ossipee’s unique community identity.

Our Mission

“To enhance the economic development of the Ossipee region, to encourage business start up, growth and expansion, to identify, create and support necessary infrastructure and to operate in a manner that is socially conscious and environmentally responsible.”

Joy Gagnon, Chairperson
Jim Mueller, Vice Chairperson
Phil Villar, Treasurer
Chris Elliot, member
Ash Fischbein, member
Matt Trahan, member
Robert Levey, member
Pat Jones, alternate member



Promote a positive business climate that positions Ossipee as a business-friendly community with a superior quality of life.


Create employment opportunities geared toward the local labor force.


Expand and diversify the tax base.

The OEDC is dedicated to elevating the real property valuation on a per capita basis by actively supporting the development of high-quality commercial, industrial, and residential properties. To this end, the OEDC actively promotes the Route 16 Corridor as a prime location for commercial and industrial endeavors.

Additionally, the OEDC is committed to bolstering and enriching the central business districts in Center Ossipee, Ossipee Village, and West Ossipee. Through these initiatives, the OEDC strives to enhance the economic vitality and prosperity of Ossipee.

“I moved to this area, because I saw the potential of this thriving community and the consistent efforts to transform Ossipee into a destination for both tourists and people who want to call this place home.”

– Robert Levey, CEO, Exponential Squared

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